Project Description

Shoplifting appears to have risen considerably over the past few years. For this reason, Inspexa was commissioned by Somags to undertake a technical audit with a view to upgrading the CCTV camera systems at Jumbo Phoenix and six SPAR supermarkets around the island.

Somags wanted to reassess their CCTV surveillance system’s efficiency as their cameras were failing to detect several thefts and act of vandalisms in their shopping centres. Offenders were finding ways of circumventing the surveillance systems and the serious problem of shoplifting that resulted needed to be dealt with quickly.

Two of our specialist security engineers were assigned to the task and surveyed the existing CCTV systems in all these seven shopping centres. They simulated several intrusion scenarios, shoplifting and movements within restricted areas, which were all being watched by our engineers in the monitoring room. We also surveyed all the cameras, control and monitoring equipment, recoding system and electrical installations. We then produced a comprehensive list of recommendations, including the repositioning of some cameras, upgrading some equipment and centralising all monitors to one location. We liaised with telecommunications service providers to get the best deal for fibre cable connection and bandwidth for this purpose.

Our recommendations were all implemented shortly after the survey. Happily, these shopping centres are now better monitored and the client has reported a reduction in crimes and theft.