Project Description

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, which provides multiple services and solutions in the fields of strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. They appointed Inspexa to undertake an acoustics survey in their video-conference room in Ebene Cybercity, as they were experiencing serious communication problems. There was high background noise, a lot of echo, and conversations could be overheard outside the room, which might potentially lead to a breach of confidentiality. It was also difficult to understand conversations over the conferencing system because of reverberations in the room.

As communication with their clients is more than essential, we were requested to perform an acoustics survey, involving a complete analysis of the video-conferencing room: physical characteristics, room acoustics, natural communication, ease of speech and sonic audio quality. We had to evaluate the existing echo-control features of the video-conferencing room and provide mitigation measures to improve the acoustics and enhance communication during video conferences.

As noise control was clearly needed, our acoustic specialist did a background noise survey and then calculated the room’s acoustic properties as was and with the various treatment options. We also surveyed noise from the building-services installations and penetration of these services into the conference room. We advised Accenture on the least-cost option which could deliver the desired acoustic performance.

The implementation of our recommendations has enabled Accenture to conduct video conferences undisturbed and enjoy clear and comprehensible communication with their clients all over the world.