Fire Services Guidelines

Inspexa helps maintain compliance with Fire Services guidelines and ensure that your property is not at risk.

All buildings, after some time, require a renewed fire clearance certificate issued by Local Fire Services and regular fire risk assessments to reduce the risks of fire.

Inspexa can assist you in obtaining clearance by checking installations for compliance with Local Fire Services’ Guidelines and Regulations, and recommending and managing remedial works required. We can also commission existing installations and produce commissioning report, prepare or update as made drawings and submit all documentation required by the Local Fire Services to deliver certificates and occupancy clearance.

We conduct fire-risk assessments, check the adequacy of escape routes and stairs, and verify the functioning of fire-alarm and protection equipment as part of good housekeeping and fire safety programme. We can also train your staff in first aid firefighting by a combination of classroom and practical sessions, training them on the proper use of fire protection equipment, managing evacuation during a fire and other fire warden skills.

We are expert in rational fire design, working with your design team to provide optimal fire precautionary measures that can comply with Fire Regulations where prescribed codes cannot be met. Examples are travel distance or number and width of escape routes.

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