Inspexa is a subsidiary of Prodesign and which has been providing design, consultancy and audits services since 1997. Inspexa was established as a separate specialized subsidiary of Prodesign in 2013 to offer purely technical audits and specialised consultancy services.

What makes Inspexa different?

Almost everything, including the fact that we just don’t produce reports and leave you to sort it out on your own. Inspexa is fully equipped to assist you in the design, planning and execution of all remedial works. Our engineers come from the design industry and are highly qualified and experienced. We are fully supported by our parent company, Prodesign, the leader in the design and management of engineering projects. Please visit for more information.
Our expertise covers all aspects of buildings’ electrical, mechanical, environmental, public health, IT and electronics engineering. We also provide an array of specialised services including acoustics, rational fire design, dynamic simulations, energy performance modelling and energy audits.

Quality and Standards

Working to European codes of practice, we ensure that our works is of a very high standard. Our engineers and technicians are highly trained and qualified to European standards and they have the commitment to deliver services which exceeds your satisfaction.

With over 15 years of experience in providing technical consultancy services in the building industry in Mauritius, Inspexa is your preferred partner in creating a long lasting and safe building for your people.

Our Team

The Inspexa team consists of engineers who come from the design industry and are highly qualified and experienced.

Vikram Bhujun


Vikram is a Chartered Building Services Engineer with over 20 years’ experience as a consulting engineer in the building services industry, initially working for a contracting organisation.


Arvind Seebaluck


Arvind is a Public Health Engineer, experienced in designing and project managing cold and hot water, drainage, fire-protection systems, and security installations for large and complex projects.


Naresh Sewdin


Naresh is a versatile Building Services Engineer with particularly strong experience in mechanical and HVAC systems. He has completed a number of technical studies and surveys for our repeat clients


Vimal Pitteea


Vimal is an experienced design CAD engineer in building services engineering, having worked on a number of projects in Europe and middle east as officer in charge of our former BPO business unit.