Inspexa offer courses in fire safety and precautions. These courses are meant for Fire Wardens and FM team who are involved in the installation, maintenance and use of fire protective equipment. It is also meant for staff generally, to teach them how to react and behave in case of fire in your premises, to avoid panic and accidents.

Specially designed for those who carry out Fire Warden duties in their workplace. This is an in-house course for up to 15 employees.

Appointing and training Fire Wardens will provide management with the opportunity to significantly improve fire prevention practices in the workplace, improve communications and share the workload in the implementation of good fire safety management.

About the course
A classroom combined with practical sessions course for half day duration where delegates will learn the essential duties of Fire Wardens and be provided with the knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake their duties competently and confidently.
The course can be delivered at your respective company.

Course content

  • Fire Safety Provision
  • Fire guidelines
  • Means of escape
  • Fire warning systems
  • Firefighting equipment.
  • Hazard spotting
  • Regular maintenance.
  • Behaviour of people evacuating a building on fire
  • Fire Warden responsibilities
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • Fire Fighting Procedures
  • Classification of fires
  • Fire spread.
  • Fire drills
  • How fires start and develop Classes of fires
  • Main types of extinguisher
  • Suitability of agents
  • Practical fire fighting with water and carbon dioxide extinguishers.
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Fire Wardens and employees as well should be able to properly use firefighting equipment for first aid firefighting. However we have noted that many employees do not know what type of extinguishers to use and how to use them correctly.

This training consists of a combine theory and half day practical course on how to use various types of fire extinguishers (water and powder) on a fire simulator. The training can be carried out in-house if a free area of about 10 sqm is available outside or in one training centre. This is a practical course and trainees will have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a live (in a simulator). Extinguishers will be provided to attendees.

Who should attend: Workforce and nominated staff with firefighting responsibilities.

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Hotel fire training course content

  • Fire safety and fire regulations applicable for hotels.
  • Extinguishers and classes of fire.
  • Fire extinguisher practical
  • Non-emergency fire safety duties of hotel staff
  • Emergency fire procedures and plans
  • Evacuation strategies and accounting methods
  • Evacuation of disabled guests and persons with reduced mobility
  • Fire emergency plans
  • Fire drills in hotels

Who should attend:

This hotel fire training course is for managers, supervisors and other hotel staff.