Independently Testing And Commissioning The Installations

Inspexa ensures that your building delivers the performance you expect by independently testing and commissioning the installations. We help you secure associated credits for enhanced commissioning in Green Building Certification scheme.

Today, buildings must be energy efficient, satisfy indoor air-quality and comfort expectations and still be constructed within tight budgets. Many contractors are unable to properly test and commission installations due to lack of knowledge, a lack of testing equipment and ineffective communication with the designers and other contractors on a site.

We can intervene as independent commissioning engineers and ensure that the building in which you have invested heavily will perform to your expectations. When appointed early in the process, we can plan the commissioning activities, prepare commissioning drawings, manage the commissioning process and ensure that the plant and installation have been properly tested before handed over to you.

We will also check and approve O&M manuals and record drawings.

  • Commissioning management and plan
  • Commissioning documentation production
  • Witness testing and commissioning
  • Perform testing and commissioning
  • O&M manuals
  • Post-occupancy monitoring.

We possess a full range of calibrated equipment for testing mechanical, electrical, electronics, IT and lighting systems, sound levels, soil resistivity – and many more functions.

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