Project Description

The MPA Oil Jetty was opened in 2008 at Mer Rouge to facilitate the transportation of petroleum products in a secure manner within Mauritius. The infrastructure has deteriorated rapidly over the years, made worse by the passage of a cyclone in 2013.

In 2014, Inspexa collaborated with Prodesign to further research into the causes of the problems and provide effective solutions for remedial works. The condition of the installations was surveyed, considering specific aspects such as the impact on their physical condition, health and safety, functional suitability, economic life and environmental performance. The team undertook some extensive electrical tests including earth loop test, polarity, RCD and insulation tests, thickness tests of firefighting pipes using an ultrasonic gauge (01.US), and inspection of joints for corrosion using an internal camera.

We found that the degradation of the installations was not only naturally caused but also due to negligence – poor quality workmanship and materials used during the construction phase. We produced a list of remedial works needed and advised on the selection of new materials and equipment to meet the MPA’s objectives to provide a new installation, which will be more durable and meet the highest safety levels.