Project Description

The Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort is a luxury five-star beach resort located on the Domaine de Bel Ombre in the South of Mauritius.

Inspexa was appointed in October 2016 to review the existing hot-water production system and investigate the high LPG consumption, despite using heat recovery from their chillers and solar water heaters, and asked to propose improvement solutions.

Our engineers used their specialised equipment to initiate a series of observations and tests to obtain a picture of the actual hot-water production system. Inter alia, they performed a thorough physical inspection of the installations in the boiler room, solar hot-water storage tanks, collector panels and all associated pipelines. The idea was to derive an accurate schematic representation of the system to understand the water flow.

The available drawings, schematics, hotel occupancy and LPG consumption data were helpful in analysing the existing data and we were able to identify the LPG consumption trend over the last five years. We discovered that the retrofitted solar hot-water production system had had a detrimental effect on the resort’s LPG consumption. We proceeded with a comparison of the LPG consumption against hotel occupancy over the years and discovered that the increase in gas consumption bore no relationship to occupancy rates.

Information obtained from both primary and secondary data were analysed and, in our report, we were able to propose two options for remedial works, a quick-fix solution and an “ideal” enhanced solution. It was then left to the client to select the solution he considered more appropriate.

The client was sufficiently pleased with our work that we were then entrusted to undertake a second survey of the resort, this time to analyse and report on its hot and cold water distribution systems.