Project Description

CIM is a leading financial services group listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. They own various properties in Mauritius, several of which have been in use for quite a long time. After a minor fire in their head office, CIM appointed us to review their whole fire-safety system and to develop and put in place a rigorous fire-safety management plan. Our scope also included training their fire wardens and reviewing the capacity of their facilities teams to combat a fire.

Our FSMPs were developed in line with international best practice, focusing on the planning, organisation, control and monitoring of fire-safety measures and fire-safety installations inside the buildings. A three-step approach was adopted: fire hazard control, fire protection system maintenance, fire emergency preparedness planning and staff training.

We undertook extensive surveys of the installations, interviews with operations and maintenance staff, review of existing procedures and documentation, conducted a fire risk assessment and ultimately recommended a new approach to fire precautions and safety. We set up a team of fire wardens and trained them in fire safety and the proper use of firefighting equipment. Training was a combination of both classroom sessions and demonstrations of the use of firefighting equipment – with an actual fire in a controlled laboratory. We also assisted CIM in obtaining fire clearances, with the renewal of their fire certificates.