Project Description

Inspexa was appointed to do an audit of the chiller and air conditioning system installed at the Beau Plan Business Park (BPBP), located at Pamplemousses, in the north of Mauritius.

The facility was served by a centralized chilled water production, thermal storage and distribution system, The BPBP was spending a lot on repairs, maintenance and electricity to operate this system and had called us to investigate on the reasons and how could the expenses be reduced

Our team spent time to understand the history of the system, by questioning maintenance staff, analyzing maintenance and repair records, electricity bills and extracting historical data from the web interface of the thermal energy system.

Because of the complexity of the system, and the fact that different chilled water configurations were to be investigated, mathematical models of the different chilled water system equipment were developed. These enable the prediction of the performance of the system in different scenarios as these information were not available from the chiller management system.

Financial analyses, including life cycle costing, were carried out for different air conditioning systems and different chilled water air conditioning scenarios. A series of recommendation were made to improve the system and a new billing formula and calculation tool develop to ensure that our client was billing all tenants fairly while covering its expenses.

With all recommendations implemented, the operating expenses are expected to fall by 46%