The need to regularly condition survey plant and equipment

Carrying out regular condition surveys is very important. The purpose of such surveys is to inspect a building to determine what state it is in. They may be carried out before purchasing a building, signing a maintenance contract, or to assess the building as part of an asset investment plan. As a result, it [...]

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Application/Renewal of your Fire Certificate

According to the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service Bill (2013) under Section 19 of the fire certificate states that the owner of the premise need to apply to the Chief Fire Officer for a fire certificate in line with the premises to certify that all the safety requirements of the premises have been met. [...]

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Our testing instruments are our weapons

Whether we are conducting an electrical inspection, a condition survey or an energy audit, relying solely on observations to gather information is insufficient. For this reason, Inspexa uses specialized equipment such as Infrared Digital Thermometer, Loop Testers, Lux Meter, Heavy Duty Vibration Meter, Sound Level Meter, amongst others. The results obtained during these different [...]

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