Project Description

Inspexa was commissioned by AXA Customer Services to undertake an electrical survey and infrared scanning of the electrical installations in their main building, generator room and canteen.

The requirements of this electrical audit were to determine whether the existing installations were in compliance with British Standards (BS 7671) and Mauritian Standards (MS 63). The also wished to ascertain whether these electrical installations could safely support the company’s rapid growth and to have an assessment of the risks of failure. AXA operates on a 24/7 schedule and every hour of interruption has financial repercussions for them. We were also asked to assess health and safety aspects of their installations.

The main building houses their main call-centre activities and has a very dense occupancy. The amount of power and data cabling running in the ceiling void is impressive and everything had to be inspected by our engineers. Our visual inspection was supported by a number of functional tests to BS 7671 to verify the state of all major switchgears, earthing and major equipment. We also conducted infra-red thermographic scanning of all distribution boards, including those in their server rooms, and power quality monitoring to assess the level of harmonics in the supply.

The extent of remedial works needed to meet the redundancy and risk profile requested by AXA was significant. We therefore extended our appointment to help them by designing all remedial works required, prepared tender documents, appointed contractors and then supervised the works until completion.

Most of our inspections and commissioning sessions were late at night, as we adapted to AXA’s working schedules so as not to disrupt their operations. We were also appointed to do a complete audit of their server room and recommend necessary upgrading works.

AXA’s satisfaction was expressed by its entrusting us to act as consultant for the fit-out works to new offices of theirs at White Tulip Building in Quatre Bornes.