Project Description

The One&Only Le Saint Geran is situated on the island’s northeast coast of Belle Mare and is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Mauritius.

In 2014, Inspexa was contacted to undertake a condition survey of the hot water distribution system at the hotel, which had a tendency to be erratic and was becoming a major source of guest complaints. The client wanted to solve this issue before the peak season to avoid any further expressions of dissatisfaction.

We therefore set up a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to carry out the survey in the timeframe that the client allocated to us. The team performed several verifications of all the pipelines, piping insulation, valves, pumps and related accessories inside the underground service gallery, technical rooms, false-ceiling voids and riser ducts. There was also an on-site measurement of hot water delivery times to guest rooms.

We proceeded with hydraulic simulations on the hotel’s existing hot water distribution system, which enabled us to gain some insight into the hydraulic behaviour of the network and confirm some of our hypotheses. For instance, the then configuration of the hot water pipelines was leading to significant pressure loss, which was too high to deliver simultaneous demand at peak demand periods during the day.

Bearing in mind that any proposed solution had to take into consideration the hotels’ day-to-day operations as well as potential budgetary constraints, we provided recommendations that the client could implemented to ensure guests were provided with the standard of service expected.

As this had been a helpful exercise, the hotel also requested us to perform an electrical inspection in the form of a survey to check that the hotel’s electrical facilities were complaint with local regulations.