Health and safety at work is very important. With both a legal and a moral obligation to ensure that his employees are working in an environment that is both safe and healthy, every employer should make health and safety a priority.

No employee should be put into a situation where they have to work in a place where there is a risk to their welfare. It’s also important from a business sense to ensure that employees are healthy and safe during working hours. Without this care, injured or sick workers can be less productive and this will affect the bottom line when it comes to annual profits.

Of course, aside of moral issues, there are also some laws in Mauritius that can force employers to be prosecuted and forced to pay out large amounts of compensation to anybody who is affected by a transgression of safety.

It’s for this reason that it’s important to run regular risk assessment and instil good working practices that will pay for themselves over time. Insurance costs and disruption can be minimised, with customers happy that they are receiving the products that they want on time and with a high level of service.

Those companies who do not adhere to good health and safety at work practices can often find themselves missing out on profits as they are required to pay for employers who have been hurt in accidents at work.

Another area that is important to keep employees safe, and the employer protected is to install signage to direct what is expected of the employee. If you want workers to wear ear defenders, or you don’t want them to enter a particular area of the building, then you can post signage to warn them. This will then protect you against some legal prosecution, if something were to happen.

Ideally you will provide health and safety at work courses to your employees, along with the opportunity to secure the relevant certificate. Any course will help an employee to define and determine risks and hazards in addition to how they can improve safety in the workplace. It will also cover personal responsibility when it comes to safety in the workplace.

Book one of our instructors to knowledge share with your staff for improved safety at work results. We also provide engineering specific health and safety audits to businesses in Mauritius as well as advisory services for the preparation of health and safety policies.